perfumes/aftershaves are PROHIBITED via Royal Mail

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Sellers, are you aware that perfumes and aftershaves are Prohibited items and CANNOT be sent via ANY service the Royal Mail provides. I sold a perfume and posted it First Class Recorded Delivery to an address in the UK (which is how I post all my items) and it was not delivered, the buyer having informed me of this. Being trackable I confirmed that, via the Royal Mail website and I  submitted a claim form (as I have had the misfortune to do twice previously) and on those occasions I was duly compensated. I received a letter from Plymouth Customer Services(they deal specifically with ebay claims) to say that compensation CANNOT be paid because sending perfumes and aftershaves in the post is PROHIBITED!!!!!!!!!!! because of the alcohol content and they are Flammable.

I spoke to an advisor and explained that I have been compensated before, the reply was "this should not have happened", I stated that Thousands of ebay sellers use Royal Mail to send these items everyday and the reply was " if you or anybody  uses Royal Mail and the item (perfume or aftershave) goes missing, NO claim can be authorised as it is a PROHIBITED item. I said how can I send my perfumes to my buyers and the "friendly" advisor said ,"use a courier".

So the bottom line to all my fellow perfume and aftershave sellers is, if the item goes missing in the post (probably because of  dishonest delivery staff) DONT BOTHER claiming as Royal Mail will NOT compensate you.

So it is down to me now to refund the buyer and I will be out of pocket because of  the Royal Mail.


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