pflhobbyboy rogue trader. Positive feedback scam

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Positive feedback scam - avoid!
Avoid being duped like I was.
Remember that for rogue traders protecting false reputations, no negative feedback is as good as positive feedback.
One way they protect their false positive feedback rating is to talk you out of raising ebay issues with unfulfilled promises, until the 45 day money back option has passed. After that they refuse to respond to any more communication about the issue.
I bought this item (still on sale) from pflhobbyboy in China:
It took 28 days to arrive and it was either faulty or not as described because it was dim and quite useless. I contacted the seller who got me doing various tests - one battery only and such like, insisting it was ok - and getting back to me each time after 2 days, stacking up the time period as much as possible. But I had one of these from a previous purchase so I could send photos comparing brightness, proving that it was faulty.
He then said that in return for positive feedback he would either refund the money or send me a replacement. I told him I would only give him positive feedback if he refunded the item. He agreed, so I duly sent the item back with proof of dispatch, but he refunded only part of the postage, not the item itself costing £30.
I contacted him about it straight away and he told me to trust them. The next time I tried to contact him about it ebay tells me that the item no longer exists and I can't raise messages about it! So I sent several mails via email and another one direct from ebay messages but got no response. I tried to raise a Paypal refund but by now it was just beyond the 45 day limit, so therefore there was no way of actioning it. So I have lost £30 and I have nothing to show for it at all.
Beware, time passes quickly when ordering from foreign sellers where it can take a month or more to receive items. Do not be duped as I was!
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