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postage to high well have you ever considered this .............

check the buy it now price this may be low and you know in your mind its low so they pushed up the postage so

they dont have to pay paypal so much commission this is a myth they have to pay 10% commission no matter what

getting upperty about the postage just add the price and postage together to get a true reflection of the actual cost

plus add this to the equation the fees that ebay charge is 10% of  the final cost including postage charge say it sell for
£7.50 here is a breakdown 75p ebay fees 35p paypal fees postage on average small parcel £2.80 through royal

mail then the cost of wrapping (bubble wrap , etc )50p then the cost of the item say £1.50 this leaves for the seller a

whopping grand total of wait for it  £1.60 just something to think about  so when you find a make me an offer
price attached  yes we know you want it cheap as poss don't insult yourself by offering a small bid as this often insults the seller so please make your news years resolution on ebay an equal ground for sellers and buyers
on that a happy new year to all cheers for now phil




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