postage and fraud

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If you saw Ebay on watch dog this past month then you will have seen the same dog and pony show i saw.  They are simply not cracking down on the unfair postage costs. I have just enquiered into buying from a seller who does not list the postage.  I was just told that postage from Germany to the UK would be £63.00.  This i thought  is bad enough until i noticed that the seller is not in Germany. The seller is actually a company in Hong Kong whom ripped me off  earlier for the same Sony product. Not only was the Sony cheap but the postage was exhorbatant, and it was the same thing this time.

Be warned Ebay is dragging its feet with this problem. If it was not for the profits they make with the dishonest dealings of some sellers and buyers doing business, They could should and would move to stop it with the stoke of a couple of keys.

To avoid being ripped off . loosing your money and product only to find out Ebay will do nothing but charge the fee anyway.  Look closely at the Ebay Account . Remember the name on the Ebay Account. look at how the account site is made up.  Look at The products and pictures closely. look at the back grounds. be sure to compare the payment instructions names and accounts. Remember the smallest detail noticed can and will save you money time and heart break.

Be careful of to much great feed back , it can be faked very easliy and it is a rampant problem on Ebay. This is another area Ebay has let us down terribly.  I hope this helps you. for further questions and info email me
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