postage prices and ebay fees (new feedback program)

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Hi! I am taking my time to write this review as I need to make people aware (if you are not already) of the measures ebay are taking to make sure they get a higher fee!!! Ebay now say that we need to maintain a feedback rating of 4.6 or we will be charged approx 20% extra fees! I already paid £170 fees for last month over my 2 accounts :-( I dont mind there being marks on service and speed but NOT postage costs as there is MANY MANY factors involved in this. I would like to make people aware that ebay do not charge fee on postage but they do on the sale price HENCE the reason they want us to cut down our postage and up the item price. On a "postage" payment of about £10 paypal charge us a fee of around 50p so we need to add that, bubble wrap is expensive stuff and costs me about £20 a month! then tape about £10 and wrapping paper about £10 so this needs to be divided accross the sales (I am lucky enough to live in town and can re-use old boxes as some sellers have to buy them). On top of all this I spend 2 - 3 hours a day on the packing and postage so I think we should get a little reward for this. Basicly I think it right that a seller charges about 20% on top of actual postage to cover all the overheads associated with postage and packing. I use DHL and I send things upto 30KG for upto £10 but I should point out that that is a superb rate and sellers that charge £20 for such service is not ripping you off they just dont send as much as me. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE always give 5 stars for postage especialy if the seller is upfront about the costs as most of us are :-) I would think if the price is there in front of you why buy it if you dont like the price? 99% of the time the full total is still cheaper than in the shops! Thanks for your time! :-)
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