posting items on ebay BEWARE OF CON ARTIST

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really important, when posting anything like glass, china etc, pack it well, some people are not always honest, and even if arrived okay, they may try and say it was damaged, then leave unfair feedback !!! please be aware, i would also like too add not so long ago i sold a perfectly good katie price swimming costume, never been worn or tried on, brand new, sent this too seller 1640SASHA, TOOK AGES TOO PAY, NEVER ANSWERED ANY EMAILS, & after having the item for some days, i suddenly get a email demanding a full refund or she would take it further, saying item was damaged pulled stiches at the back !!!!! well of course i knew it was a lie, but i sent a full refund anyway due that i could not prove item had not been damaged ONLY BY HER !!!! my point being if sending clothing i now take photos of item being sent all stich work etc, i know it can be a pain, but its worth it in the end, there is alot of nasty dishonest people that have abused us good ones on ebay, we got too put a stop too these con artist

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