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This guide is to warn buyers against being ripped off by being sold clothes that they could pick up on their high street for less than half the price. Ebay seems to be flooded with sellers who think it is acceptable to blatantly sell goods from bargain high street shop Primark and massively inflate the prices. Ok, so Primark started off in a few of the UK's major cities, but now it has bought out the former Littlewoods stores and is gradually opening more and more shops across the country. For the few of you who aren't familiar with Primark, it sells great clothes and accessories very cheaply. Dresses are all £12 or under, skirts £6-£10, tops £3-6 etc. Anything that sells well in the fashionable high street stores is available in Primark for a fraction of the price.You can go in there with £30 and come out with a full outfit - including shoes and underwear. Anyway, some really crafty people are using Primark as a wholesalers and selling tons of clothes on ebay for double their current high street prices to unsuspecting customers, the majority of whom seem to be giving good feedback! I recently did a search for a vintage dress in size 16. I got pages and pages of 'BNWT Vintage Style' dresses, all of which I recognised from my local branch of Primark. Hot sellers at the moment are the little floral tea dresses, houndstooth shirt dresses and sixties-style mini dresses in black and mustard. £10 dresses are going for £25.99. Look out for high starting prices coupled with a Buy It Now price - these sellers always start high to ensure they'll make a profit. I got ripped off recently when I bought a polka dot top for £8.99 plus postage and packging, then saw it for £4 in Primark. If you see an item you like and suspect it is from Primark, email the seller and ask if the label is 'Atmosphere' as this is Primark's brand name on its clothes. If you receive an Atmosphere item, take it up with the seller. If they won't give you a refund, leave them bad feedback. I hope this helps. It just really annoys me because I can't believe people have got the bare-faced cheek to sell clothing to people that they could pick up on their high street for less than half the price and I don't think they should carry on getting away with it.

love tatty x
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