problems feeding cables under floorboards?

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Having problems getting those cables from one side of the house to the other under the floorboards?


You could always invest in a cable rod which is in effect a set of multiple rods which screw together to form a long length in order to 'fish' your cable under the floorboards and are recommended but, what if you need one of those now and you cant wait for the cable rod to arrive as it will be too late and you will be losing money by the time it arrives?

No problem!!

Don't stress and start ragging that cable cussing and swearing because it won't go through, just stop put the kettle on and get out your tape measure. As you pull the tape measure out start to feed it under the floorboards to where you want to pull the cable from/to and tape the cable to the end and retract the tape measure!! I find the 5 meter tape measures work the best and you will have the cable pulled through by the time the kettle has boiled! well, obviously depending on how quick you work!

have fun :)

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