proplems with ebay

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well i dont no if anyone else is having as many proplems as i am. its doing my head in and i have had enough.

i am a buyer and a seller and i have been selling things as i have just moved in to a new house and so i am selling some things to make some money to buy new things for my house.

well as i was saying i am seller and it seems to be there that is no protection for a seller you can even leave negative feedback now even is someone has not paid its nuts.

i try and describe things as much as i can but we r all human and somethings get missed but nothin major and i have had people moan that it took to long to send or its used when it said in the bloodyh listing that it has been used. and ebay just give them the money back without a care for the seller and it does my head in.

and also i send things and royal mail takes a while to get the things sent and then i get emails saying that i have not sent them and that they want there monay bk.

oh and there was this one person who paid for it friday afternoon and on saturday emailed me saying when will she expect the item and that it would of been nice to recieve it today and then she kept emailing me asking when it was going to be sent but it was a bank holiday weekend so there was not a lot of things i could do. it does my head in that there is not enough protection for the sellers

i am going to stop selling on ebay as i have had enough. i am still going to buy becasue there is more protection for buyers it does my head in it really does ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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