protection for sellers required when listing slides/negatives etc

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there are some unsavoury people out there - the sneaky few who take advantage of eBays bias towards buyers

once youve sold your images there are a few buyers who copy/scan what they have won then come back with a silly complaint and begin a case against you demanding a refund - of course they have the images they  then want their money back thus getting the product for free. ebay in their wisdom come down on the side of the buyer 92% of the time no matter what provisions the buyer may have put in your description.
'no refunds and returns' means nothing - the buying scammers can make  up any false complaint (and usually do) in order to get the product free of charge - their next step is to produce a digital photo for re-production or to add to a flickr group on line while your average honest seller is out of pocket and left feeling disapointed and let down by the very process.
in a nutshell there are some regular scammers and eBay doesnt give a monkeys about sellers (as their auto refund policy confirms) and hide behind this 'all we do is bring two people together' froth.

sellers be aware - protect your listings as much as you can with mountains of warnings and guides under your description of how you accept no  refunds or returns and how it is the bidders responiblity to ask questions before the auctions ends and the ever growing technology of home copying equipment etc etc - the more info the better is the only way to stop getting fleeced.

even then it is touch and go wether or not ebay see sense.

go steady and good luck.
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