psion 3 series still the best computers in the world

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3 series includes series 3 / 3a / 3c / 3mx and siena

ok from the title you get the idea... heres why :

* it is a fully multitasking 16bit computer system
    forget wasting space storing bits as quadwords, wasting bandwidth looking up small tables etc...

* it is extremely efficient with space, forget all the modern software bloat...
    the OS contains full office applications which actually work together very well, provides a simple (read easy to use) user interface, and if you like programming, full access to it all through the on board programming system (OPL) (yep you read that right, you wont need to fork out heaps of money/time getting up and running with development on this computer)

* it is extremely power efficient (read green) they led in this area, having specially designed subsystems which power only the electronics needed, using cmos technology the psion was the first (as far as i am aware) master unclocker - underclocking is still relatively new even today (2008) but it allows you to run on less power and often (well with modern cpus) much more stabler, the cpu in the psion actually has no miminum clock speed, you can even be half way through writing a document, not save it.. turn off the machine, and go to bed ;), when you turn it back on again in the morning the document is as you left it, as if the psion never even realised it was switched off :D

* it is powered not by some properiatary battery that will after some months lose its charge and cost about the price of the machine itself to replace - it IS powered by 2 bog standard AA batteries, that are cheap and available just about everywhere (the siena uses 2 AAA batteries).

* due to the last two points and the fact the psion is a mobile computing device (read I should not have to take my pc along with it...) and does not have a colour screen, the average battery life in said computers is NOT hours but MONTHS... (nb more bitdepth (colour) requires more power) --tip the backlight in some series 3c's and the mx's cause the contrast to suffer, although you can barely see the difference with the mx...

* it does not lock the user out of the computer (modern system use various techniques, with the hype of security (who said I wanted to run an internet server anyway ?) to actually stop the user having full access to the system, without jumping through ridiculous complexity hoops) - an average (read you do not need multiple degrees) user/programmer can experience the full system via the OPL on board programming system.

* Psion themselves provided an excellent software developement kit (ie full documentation, and add on tools), and a very good hardware development kit (an ebook - pdf) describing how to actually make your own add on peripherals including how to go about writing correct device drivers to integrate said peripheral into the system.

* it is NOT touch screen, so you do not have to worry about scratching your precious screen or using multiple input devices. - open - hit keys - be happy.. :) (Ive always hated with a passion any touch screen device, I do not believe screens are for touching...(unless your cleaning it, very carefully ofcourse))

--- ok i've hardly covered the tip of the iceburg here, but hopefully you can see my point, sorry if this sounds more like a rant than a review... but there is plenty of information for you online to find and enjoy regarding this matter.
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