pva bags using with mixers

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just a little trick I have used over the years which is simple but some of you may find usefull.

getting a freelined mixer or two out much past 25 yards can be problematic hmmm.

I know lets all use those blinking great controller floats that weigh a ton and a bit  also you dont even have to strike just cast em out stick the rod down somewhere and forget it

I dont think so well you can but i,ll take my chances with freelining thanks.

If  you need to get a bait out a fair way use a pva bag 100 x 100  or  130 x 100  will do just right

Select a bag of your choice and fill with some mixers stick your baited  hook in the bag with the free offerings and cast out to the feeding area .

The weight of the free mixers will be enough to get your bait out to the desired area and aslo put a bit of bait around yours

Simple but hopefully will give someone out there a shove in the right  direction 

thanx for looking and reading this guide

please support my efforts and take the time to leave me some possitive scoring in the helpfullness box below here  hope to c u in my ebay shop colin katch karp 

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