quick guide for beginners!!!

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First off if you are buying a product follow these simple rules,

1. READ what THE SELLER has to say about the item being sold not the product description box .If  you are unsure of what EXACTLY is being sold USE the ask the seller link in the upper right hand corner and ASK questions about the item. (condition of item?, previous rental item?, Genuine USA Factory made item?,original box?) If a seller does not respond in a reasonable amount of time (1 or  2 days)Then it is usually because they do NOT want to answer  your questions and in this case it is best to just forget it.

2. If there is NO actual PICTURE of the item ASK seller if he can put one up on the site and NOT to email you one. Just is much safer in these days of VIRUSES.(We sellers often just do not have the time to take picture of every item we list BUT are happy to respond to requests.)Remember your idea of excellant and sellers idea of excellant are often far far apart.

3. Check  the SELLERS feedback comments not just the ratings, This will usually tell you more about the seller then anything else.On ebay 97% is really NOT very good.

4. If you are Bidding for an item, Decide what you would be willing to pay for the product and bid accordingly Ebay will automatically give it to you for the lowest bid price possible.If you are using buy it now and it seems fair just go ahead and BUY it, if you wait it may be GONE.

5. Now as for the SHIPPING TIME and COSTS ,when in doubt ASK before you buy, "Standard flat rate" shipping usually means the slowest possible way at the highest possible price...!!! Reputable dealers usually will get it to the post office in a day or two but once there it can take from 2 thru 12 days to reach you in the case of media mail if it is going from west to east coast or east to west coast.Even first class will take longer that way but usually within 2 to 5 days.  So if you are ordering by media mail have some patience it may be as long as 14 days and probably no LESS then 6 days.(but the price is usually much better) a GOOD rule of thumb is to check with seller after 10 days if you haven't recieved it.

6. FEEDBACK ,Be *FAIR* THANKFULLY Ebay is still made up of HONEST people who try to do thier best BUT even then Mistakes can happen , We can not always check every item we sell so please, ALWAYS Contact seller with any problems first ,if still not satisfied "BOMBS AWAY" (haha) 

Sorry i did not mean to write a BOOK but i hope this has helped you in some way.  

 Thank You,    choochcumbie   :o)

P.S. If this has helped you in any way PLEASE check the BOX below .  Thank you

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