railwayana - LMS D-plate numbering scheme

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here is some useful infomation on the numbering of LMS wagon D-plates. if your listing a LMS D-plate this list should tell you what companies wagon the plate came off.

as im sure you are aware the LMS was formed in 1923 out of several independent companies and the newly formed LMS inherited all these companies rolling stock.

when it came to wagons the LMS set about renumbering and classifing them  into its own scheme - to keep closer tabs on them and to comply with RCH/government standards of unfiforming grade of wagons.

a lot of people wonder what type of wagon  their plate came off, this is relitively easy to research for BR and privately built vehicle but details from the big four companies 1923 - 1948 is not so readily available.

after 1923 most wagons for the LMS where built by themselves at Wolverton, Crewe, Bromsgrove, Horwich, Derby, Patricroft, Dukenfield etc and others farmed out to private builders such as Headwrightson, Hurst Nelson and such like. these as a rule (but not strictly true)these came under the numbers 357000 + upwards and has the word STANDARD on them aswell as the weight.


if you have an LMS plate with a lower number, here is a list of the absorbed companies wagon taken on by the LMS................

company                                             numbers

ex MIDLAND Rly                      1 - 129000

ex L&Y                                       130000 - 169999

ex Glasgow & S/Western           170000 - 191999

ex North Staffs Rly                     192000 - 199999

ex LNWR                                    200000 - 278999

              service vehicle               279000 - 279999

             brake van                       280000 - 281999

             horse box & others        282000 - 284999

ex FURNESS Rly                      285000 - 291999

ex Highland Rly                          292000 - 299999

ex Caledonian Rly                       300000 - 352999

Cal rly + others sevice vehicles 353000 - 356999


i hope this guide helps you with some info on your D-plates


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