re: primmark/atmosphere re-sales

Like if this guide is helpful

Having just read an article regarding the re-sale of Primmark goods at inflated prices - i feel compelled to say that although this practice is

on the whole a complete rip off it does serve a valuable  purpose on Ebay.

To say that paying an inflated price for an item sold in the High street is unfair may be true if you live locally to one of these stores, and can access it, unlike myself who is at least an hours drive away from one, with 2 children in my car.  Taking 2 kids around Primmark - no thanks.  I would rather not pay the petrol, pay an inflated price on Ebay and save myself the headache of kids, queues and traffic.

I think you are right in principle but everyone is different - put the kettle on and sign into Ebay,it is the answer to any girls shopping needs......especially with christmas just around the corner!!!


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