renault laguna key card reprogramming

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You may of seen  laguna mk2  key cards going for silly money on  ebay ,  

and other sellers claiming they can reprogramme your keys

but the fact is they cannot  be programmed to  disable the immobiliser , this  HAS to be done via  Renault main dealers computer , so therefore  the key is useless

the other fact is , you'l be lucky if they agree to programme a 2nd hand card,

you may however  get the key to open and close the doors using the  re-sycro method  

if a key is broken  you can get them fixed via another ebay seller who offers the service for around £25, a very fast and  efficient service  he provides as well .

new keys are £80 form renault plus about £45 to partner it to your car,  and at least this should is guaranteed for a year .

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