save money at christmas and make it fun

Like if this guide is helpful

christmas is now getting expensive and i find if you got children , you need to keep them occupied too so why not save money and have fun making things.

for example make your own cards and gift tags if not very artistic use last years cards to cut up and glue on some coloured card go wild and use glitter ,paint doillies,or even cut your own snowflakes.

how about making your own decorations and tree decorations

also you could make presents ,


make yule log or christmas cake or buiscuits you can display them in nice box or basket with bow on it.

or you could make pickles and decorate jars so they look personel to who you give them to.

my favourite thing to do is peppermint creams in chocolate and coconut ice if your really adventurous you could make toffee .

im sure you could think of lots of other things to do and make so get thinking.


what about making scarf , hat or gloves always a must at christmas. or cardys jumpers toys bags cushion covers etc . you could do patchwork too.

at least these presents would be personel to you and who you give them to .trouble is these days people dont take time to sit and enjoy time together which is a shame . its too easy to go to shops and buy presents which are not individual to you . now is the perfect time to start even if its just one or two items you will get great satisfaction from it,

you will save money too .

hope i have been some help and gave you some ideas

have a merry christmas  and more money in your purse  carol price  


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