save money on listing identical / same items today !!!!

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When an Auction ends and sells, it gets placed into the sold Items of My Ebay If you have more than 1 of the same item then you maybe interested in the following

If you sell a item and the auction has more than one bid (from different buyers) you can send them a second chance offer. This means you will beable to try and sell a second item to the second highest bidder who dident win the original item. it will be sold at a lower price so the decision is up to you you will not pay any listing costs only a final vaule fee if the item sells.

You can sell many of the same item to as many bidders you had providing you have the stock to sell. please note it dosent grantee a sale but as it free it always worth a go.

Example below

if You sell an Item for £20 and it has more than one bid and you have 2 items available Instead of listing the second item and waiting for the auction to end you send a second chance offer to the person / persons who neer one the item,they then have the opportunity to buy the item at a buy now price.

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