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This guide is written to show you how to find someones neutral/negative comments without trawling through pages and pages of feedback comments.  We have all done it I am sure, sat there clicking through pages upon pages of feedback comments to find those negatives and neutrals that are so important to find out about a seller or buyer.  Before I judge anyone I like to find out what the past neutral or negative comments were for.  Most of the time they are for really silly things that effect someones feedback percentage but should not effect you trading with them and it turns out to be a waste of time searching through the pages to find out.

There is a website that can save you this time and effort.  The website is called  It is really simple to use, you type in the persons ebay id and click on whether you want to see the neutral and negative comments they have left or those that have been left for them.  The database then searches through their feedback and will bring up all the neutrals and negatives in one place so you can read them all.

Another really useful tool is that you can choose to see all the 'false positives' that a buyer in particular may have.  What are 'false positives'?  Since the new feedback system where a seller cannot leave neutral or negative scores for a buyer some sellers have devised the 'false positives' feedback system.  Sellers will often put 'neutral' or 'negative' in capitals and then a comment.  The database can search through the feedback comments and will pick up any 'false positives' left for a buyer.

I would suggest that everyone adds this tool to their favourites so they can use it anytime they need to.  

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