sellers who try to opt out of sending items won.

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heres one i came across, i won two watches in auction on EBAY recently, both good quality watches and my bid was placed four days in advance.  when the auction ended, my bid was the only one placed on the items and i won the auction for £1.99p.
The seller contacted me saying his grandson 'dropped' one of the watches so as it was damaged he could not send out the items as listed and withdrew from the transaction.  He was obviously dissapointed that the items did not generate enough interest and was determined not to forward the items to me.  I challenged him saying i have no problem with ONE watch being broken- maybe i could repair it', but if it's totally destroyed, please send me the undamaged watch.  -NO reply.
                                                                                                I am a reputable EBAYER and there have been many occations that i have listed items which fall short of the expected interest but i have never failed to forward my items to the winners and have 'lost-out' on many occations.  I am fed up with excuses like oh, i sent the item out, not my fault if it's 'lost in the post'. Your 'hands are tied' and you rely largly on the integrity of others, on the other hand, i have traded messages with many people who use EBAY and are a credit to the 'market place'. thanks for your time, perhaps other members have some great excuses they would like to share. regards


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