selling on ebay - things dont add up

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I dont know whether to class this as a guide or not, but just recently i put up for sale a set of alloy wheels - they are advertised on another website as a free ad and i cannot remove the ad. I have stated that the wheels were advertised elsewhere so please understand that if they sell from an advert i have no control over i will have to end the auction - i thought honesty being the best policy - but it seems this is not wanted for my item was removed??????? how come i cant be honest about the item but someone can overcharge on postage heavily and nothing gets done about it, someone can sell stolen items, a buyer can bid on your item and not actually take any part of your auction into consideration - i.e its a collection only item and then immediately ask you to post it - as a seller i could not leave negative feedback even though I am the one out of pocket. yet i offer a listing being up front that states item may sell in the meantime and i get penalised - am i supposed to just let people watch it then withdraw it for no known reason - when we all have seen cars etc up for sale suddenly item is removed in the final moments or is back up for sale within hours by same seller as they have had a friend bid on it. ive noticed over the past 6 years this is getting worse, genuine people are being pushed out
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