sensible bidding to keep winning price to a minimum

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Well, when we sell we all want our auction to get the highest possible price.  But what if we're bidding??

The facts are this, when we are buying we want the best possible price, so its simple.

When bidding for an item you want, work out your maximum possible price. 

Get a stop watch or second computer to time the auction end.

Place your maximum bid, but DON'T CONFIRM YET!!!

Wait till theres like 15 seconds or so of the auction to run, then confirm bid. If highest bidder your're likely to win. if out bid then you couldn't afford it anyway so no loss.  remember, always put on your MAX bid to make this system work for you.

By not bidding whilst the auction is running, you arn't bidding against another bidder thus keeping the end price down.

good luck

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