(serious stuff) warrenty not valid on items bought

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I know most people think that a warranty is valid on items once they have a reciept with a valid date on it. Well not so as I found out, most warranties are only valid to the original purchaser and manurfacturers will renage on their warranty for any reason they can, so beware for expensive items. Bought a PS3 that was older than the reciept for it, seller would not cover postage cost  refund £60 x2 there and back. Ebay not interested, paypal not interested, retailer were PS3 bought with a staff discount not interested, Sony said warranty not valid as I was not the original buyer. Police not interested because its a civil matter.So I either took a £120 loss and return the PS3 to this dishonest seller or keep the ps3 and hope its ok. I kept the PS3 and all I could do was leave negitive feedback for the seller, big deal he was off on a 1 year trip to Aus so did not care at all. A lot of time, phone calls and a lesson learned so beware you have been warned.

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