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Beware of sellers opening a new account for items they are selling from an existing one and bidding up the price. I've come across this practice on quite a few items and they think they are being clever and cunning with this form of deception. I recently bidded on a pair of motor cycle boots and noticed that closer to the end time of the auction, a zero rated buyer bidded up the item to just below my maximum bid. So I didn't really get a bargain and purchased the items at an inflated price. Was this just paranoia, well lets disect it piece by piece. Firstly their were no other bids(oh not getting the price what the seller wanted) secondly the bidder was a zero rate(well we all got to start from some where hehe). and the most convincingly the zero rater was created at the same time the goods started on auction, they probaly open up a newe everytime they want to sell something. I know sour grapes you are thinking and i'm just being childish for thinking such notions! well if those boot were made for walking and walking they will do then one of these days those boot are gonna be sold back on ebay and I wonder if I might not add a penny or two myself.

regards a shelled peanut

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