short guide to better picture taking

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try using the rules of thirds it can help to better compose your images, positioning your subject on the intersecting lines

dont just take one image from one viewpoint try different angles high low ect

always take more then one image because you never know you will never be able to take that image again

using neutral density filter on compatable cameras at any time during the day to take slower images of the sea and waves for a silky effect by using slower shutter speeds (normally would cause pure white images because of too much light)

also you can take very very dark welding glass for similar effect to the above by using elastic bands and attaching to the front your slr lense camera

use photography software i.e. adobe lightroom to make images into stunning images by cropping changing exposure highlights changing sunset colours ect

if using a camera phone use different photo apps on smartphones to help with editing like pixlr express

some smartphones can overlay the rule of thirds grid lines use them to help with composition

put your subject of center and avoid clutter in background 

all the best for you budding photographers 

thank you for viewing this short guide
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