sidozey Peter Dawood - How stupid do I feel?

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If only I'd seen all of this information before bidding on the item - unfortunately though, when something looks too good to be true - it generally is.  When I won the item, I think he only had one negative feedback (and with one myself for a misunderstanding - I didn't worry about it too much).  It is only now, after being warned by eBay (albeit too late) and by seeing all of these posts, that I realise that it is unlikely I'm going to ever see the item or the money back.  Unlike the other guides here, I paid using a bank transfer - so can't call up and cancel the payment.  Now, looking back on it, I can't believe that I was that stupid.  eBay have now deleted the item, so I can't dispute it properly or find out any contact information.  Hopefully - this is a lesson learned for me, and I will not do this again.  If by any chance anyone does have his contact information - please let me know (not that it's really likely to get me anywhere!)  Thanks
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