sky viewing card some can sell other cant ??????????

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Like if this guide is helpful

look like some seller report  other seller and there litsing stay on  or sky are trying to stop us selling   your cards  by saying to ebay they are copys   as far i know no one ever copy a sky card  if so sky would send out new cards    

Dear nottsvoxstar

Thank you for your recent auction-style listing on eBay. Unfortunately, these items breached one or more of our policies and had to be removed from the site:

260211469422 - sky viewing card

Your eBay fees for this item have been credited to your account and all bidders on this item have been notified of its removal.

because BSkyB Limited (British Sky Broadcasting) reported it to us for violating their intellectual property rights.  When eBay is notified by a rights owner of an intellectual property rights infringement, eBay must remove the item in order to meet certain legal requirements.

Why was your listing removed?

You may not list unauthorised copies of media on our site because selling them is both illegal and against eBay policy. Unauthorised copies include (but are not limited to) backup, pirated, duplicated, or bootlegged copies of software, video games, music, films, television programs, photographs and books, both published and unpublished.

Copyright owners possess the exclusive right to reproduce their copyrighted work, to distribute copies of their copyrighted work, and to perform or display their copyrighted work publicly.

Guideline: If the product you are selling is a copy of another work that you aren't authorised to copy, don't list the item. You may not list unauthorised copies of copyrighted material on eBay. Selling unauthorised copies of copyrighted material is a breach of copyright law.




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