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Carlsberg is a great institution for all beer lovers. Unfortunately in the UK, the brand has never reached Stella levels partly because of the inadequate lesser 3.5% an' ting brew that is consumed by halfwits and has so far (in the UK at least) been the official sponsor of AFC Wimbledon in the 1980's and more recently, Liverpool F.C.(Armchair-fans post Robbie 'God' Fowler, please take note)

HOWEVER, Carlsberg Export is a proper tipple of the worldwide connoisseur, up there in terms of muscle with the Dutch brewed Heinekens and Oranjebooms of this planet ( Amstel is for Amsterdam-ateurs), the real Belgique Stella Artois (not the turps available in your local Spar), which is unbelievably gold in texture and the Philippine San Miguel - an excellent beer - well worth a 12 hour flight prior to the magandang babae on offer, is highly recommended by moi!. On this tip, lets not forget two unbelieveable brews from der fatherland: Krombacher and Warsteiner Pils. These two beers are excellent, very different in strength and taste to the turps available in UK outltets who brainwash you with an advertisement overdose of Bulmers and Carling Black Label. Hands down, i challenge anyone to down 21 bottles of Krombacher Pils prior to going out on the town (as i did on my 19th birthday in Germany well back in the day)...before you, my sonny was even sucking your mommas Carling black label. You my good reader and wannabee would be hitting the carpet whilst Iron Maiden rang out two onthe other hand can specifically remember the long-time KLF rang out its ' 3am Eternal'...

Anyway getting back to my love of Carlsberg...once upon a time Carlsberg Export abv 5.0% (but ha ha minus the export tag) was available in a navy blue can. This was a proper treat on the taste buds. Well advisable to down, available to those in the know on Oostende-Dover ferries usually.

In recent years, a gold can was used for the UK Export brews. Very nice indeedy, a silver can now is in operation however all Carlsberg fans and everyone who loves this beer hopes deep down that the gold 'C' can will make a return.

In the UK its good now that you can get a pint sized can - many tunnel visioned boozers at home previously overlooked the quality of a can of the Export due to the fact it was a smaller can. So from that perspective Carlsberg Export - easily the best lager in the world, in the UK can be enjoyed to the full.

By the way - I love this beer. Pretty obvious huh! Oh and by the way again i have done my wack on this subject concerning world beers, infact one that just springs to mind is a French gem named Pelforth...aah " Biere de Mars de Pelforth". So whilst most halfwits in the UK overlook Carlsberg Export based on years of Carling Black Label adverts, I am here to champion what is a very nice peice of popular culture (well minus Liverpool shirts anyway) and  a lthough you would need to consult many-a-wall on that one for verification and some justification, you can take it from me that i am an expert on beer.


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