so your bitch is in whelp

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So you have breed your bitch and are now sure she is in whelp. When it comes to getting a whelping box there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

One, the size of your bitch. the best thing to do is messure her from nose to bum and then foot to head.

Two, the average size litter for her breed .

Once you are armed with this information it will be easy for me to size your box.

Sometimes people order a box that is to big for the job it is needed for. The whelping box is just that for the whelping if you have a box that is to big the pig rails cant do the job they are there for and protect the pups from being crushed. Once the pups are being weened the rails can then be removed giving a little more space for the pups, but making it hard for your bitch to get in.This is what you want as when the bitch is in with the pups no matter how hard you try they will feed from her, making it harder to ween them.

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