sofa setee chair scsofas suite city warning

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We all like a bargain as that is the reason Ebay is so popular but what if this bargain falls flat.

I bought a reclining chair from scsofas   suite city and the arm was missing which ok things do

go wrong but this seller was not willing or able to sort this problem out as he had no replacement

stock to do this.I fell foul of this sellers paying process as i did pay by paypal but then the seller

refunded my account and asked me to pay through there payment system which was

which i was uneasy about but then found out went through paypal and thought ok this must

be safe..Wrong..Fisrt of all your goods are not protected by paypal so any come backs then you are out on a limb.

If the seller wont help not much you can do apart from Trading standards so you know how long this takes to sort out.

I left bad feedback to scsofas and then recieved emails from them saying we wont rush this arm out to you now but this

was after a week of emails being ignored and phones not being answered.I am a good honest fast payer and its a shame that

scsofas were incapable of keeping there end of the deal too.There are a lot of good reputable people on ebay so you may pay

a little more but you will get what you have paid for and a good honest service.The like of sc sofas selling goods

so cheap that something has to give and sadly it is the whole service with them.

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