some fine points should be concerned when choising wig

Like if this guide is helpful

Many articles have given us some guide how to make a good choice from different lace wig style or raw material.

but when we have to make a decision to pick out one to meet our needs, it is still hard to say which choice is right,

because when we see the wig that come to us, it is different from what we thought in our head, and with the time goes,

more problem happened, the virgin hair lace wig become bad too, maybe it is no better than the normal one,then what happened

to our lace wig?

the key reason for this matter is not what kind type hair we used , it is depend on what kind hair situation we faced, some hair

is stored for a long time ,even it is virgin hair, it still i bad situation to make lace wig. so make sure choice the best seller and find

some seller and always buy from them.

to the lace wig products, some knowledge are necessory, such as what style wig suit me , what kind color suit me ,what kind lace base

color or constructure suit. then come to the other point, it is hard to say, even to me with more years work in this field, it is hard to make

a decison at the first glance which is better. 

the valuable suggestion is with your own experience, different person suit differnt style  wigs and lace construction, just pick out one that fit you well

and always order from them. i think it is the best choice. it is hard for the customer to tell which wig is the best suit me. but with the time any person

can find the good choice.

hope my thinking can give you some help when you make a decison.

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