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Hi , ive read one or two of these and to be honest some are excellent - but we all chip in where we can ;  to do what we  can to help .

here are my tips

brown parcel paper looks great , if its well wrapped -

as long as its professionally done with bubble wrap under it  .

 not many can do a great job , believe me its an art in itself .....


please try not to rip the heart out of anyone buying your stuff  by charging UNREALISTIC  Postage . we know its not cheap , but if you sold uncle billys bugle for £35 more than you expected  dont charge a tenner for a four quid package - its NOT fair  , & IT COSTS YOU RATINGS.

many items on ebay are free  postage now ,free DOESN'T mean cheap and nasty. factor in your postage costs for the item on auction - INCLUDING PACKING MATERIALS .

 SOMETIMES LESS IS MORE , too ; ive had parcels so well taped up ive not known where to start unwrapping , your not sending them under the sea , theres no need for them to be waterprooofed .

pack stuff the way you would  expect to recieve it yourself , that includes , if its in a box - its still not safe . YET

boxes can get crushed - use poly pnuts or bubble wrap to fill the box so the contents dont move about -or that the box gets crushed . like some of my predecessors say theres a big gap between the weight bands (250 grams a time in the UK) SO DONT SKIMP -

let them see you care how they recieve YOUR parcel . use the bubble wrapped envelopes you recieve stuff in to pack out your stuff you send . please try not to "recycle" packaging , whilst in essence worthy of a little kudos for trying  to save the planet that way , it does'nt impress me to see the envelope has been re addressed three times and got thirty five miles of brown tape around it holding it together


shop about for packing stuff , DONT use the post offices envelopes -theyre waaaay to dear . im sure you can find better , cheaper - i did and cut my costs by over 50 % for a much much better product

use return address stickers on the back  , in the unlikely ( or likely) event of a parcel not being delivered to your buyer , at least make sure they know where its come from

hand write the envelopes .

you'll pick up on mistakes the buyer makes writing their own address ( honest , they do - like no number for their house -or -  one guy had written two seperate addresses on alternate lines )

use proper pens - indelible markers , permenant o.h.p. pens are what i use - they wont wash away , they wont blur - if your going to write out addresses by hand , ( and ill freely admit to being one of the worlds worst writers )  if there is one part that needs to be legible -its the postcode

it may be in urdu or swaheli but if its got a correct postcode on it , that will get it to within a goalkicks distance of the buyers house .and a fighting chance he still may get it

if your going to do this long term or build a buisness ,buy some buisness cards to send with the stuff , it looks great , vistaprint do 250 for about a fiver , with 1000's of designs - that adds 2p to your cost and could get you 100 quids worth of repeat buisiness each month .

and one other small thing

communication ,communication communication 

your ticked off cos i said one small thing and i said it many  times - see ,  i lied - that pee'd you off ,

tell someone you posted his stuff when you havent , he'll get pee'd off

tell them that you cant post it for two days because  your wife is in labour and he'll probably send you a congratulations card - cos he KNOWS whats going on

tell them like the army do when they send a message - where , when , what , what ,what   all of that has to be in a contact message

what you sold , how much for , where its going , when youll send it . how , and best attempt at a delivery to them too , if you can

do some of this and you'll improve your dsr scores - and youll get more repeat business , and theyll tell others too

look its worked for me , and im approaching 10,000 feedback at 100% - read the things they say , its ONLY what im telling you about here

its as much for you as them , raise your standards  , be as good as you want everyone else to be .

if you think this helped you a little , please tick the box below ,


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