sonicbionic_outlet (WARNING TO ALL)

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A WARNING to all UK buyers in the market for bagging a bargain on Nintendo DS games. Some sellers ( sonicbionic_outlet )being one, are stating that the item is located within the UK therefore when filtering your search for UK only, these sellers items will still be presented. The majority of these sellers will also state that they are also using Royal Mail which would also lead you to believe that the item will be a UK version.

 Be careful and read the item description thoroughly to ensure that there is NO mention of the item being a US version, a good indicator is the sellers who state the game is region free, this is correct as US games will play in a UK DS console BUT you will be left with no warranty as the US will not honour a guarantee outside of the States.

Some sellers will state that you will receive either a US or UK version, so be wary of these as well. 

The US games will not come with the Nintendo VIP points (if applicable to the game) and the games which have VIP points also have a 24 month guarantee.Otherwise there will be a 90 day warranty on the game.

 sonicbionic_outlet state their games are from the UK but are actually  despatched from San Fransisco/California. I have raised the issue regarding the game warranty and they initially claimed that games do not come with warranty from Nintendo, they have been corrected on this point and have offered to honour the warranty however I am still waiting for clarification that they will honour the 24 month warranty that would have come with the UK version of the game I bought.

They would not confirm the item location in any communication until after payment had been made. After numerous emails back and forth regarding the warranty their attitude is now to send the unopened game back which is silly as they know the game has been opened as how else would I know about the lack of warranty.

IF you have dealings with sonicbionic_outlet or any other ebay seller of DS games and you suspect that the game may be from the US, get confirmation before bidding and ensure that you are not left without your warranty.

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