spoof paypal emails

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I recieved an email that looked like it was from paypal, all the logos and copyright blog at the botton of the page, saying that my account had been randomly selected as a security measure and to cilck on the link below to verify my detials. at this point i wasnt that suspicious, so clicked on the link, it was only when my browser kept blocking it like a pop up that i decided to go onto paypals website.

Reading there information on spoof emails it sounded all to familular, as the spoof email said 'dear paypal member' and not my full name, i forwarded the spoof email to paypal as directed on there webisite and they comfirmed that it was a spoof. if i hadent been such a suspicious minded person i could have easly fallen into a very clever fraud, they would have access to my bank acounts, money in my paypal account, full address and other personal information. so i wanted to warn other ebayers of this fact, as the email did look very genuine, if in doubt especially if they want account information report it to paypal.

 best wishes kat

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