spot fake ds game bundles from spoof sponsored links

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cheap ds bundles from sponsored links are fraudsters after your card not click on a sponsored links for ds bundles at cheap prices as they are spoof sites who are after your credit card details as when you try to place an order it will tell you that there has been an error and your order has been cancelled, but they already have your card details and will use them. so if it says ds bundle for 69.00 or wii bundle for 125.00 do not go there. a couple of the names of these sponsored links are [www uk ]        or    [  www. stelthsolutions.  ]   they are both the same offering  bundles at sale cheap prices but are only after your card details so dont go there .   there is probably a few more  doing the same thing so be aware if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is . also if you find out that you have been scammed from one of these sites add the details like i have done to stop people doing the same thing and getting scammed so we all know the names of the sites....

        you think that ebay would check out these sites before they are added as a sponsored link??????

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