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before you buy your own aeroplane, go to your local club (visit "" to locate your nearest club) and see what the members there are flying (theres no point turning up with a big scale warbird if they are flying little electrics) and ask if one of the senior members can instruct you (there isnt usually a charge for this service) and they will help you with choosing your first aeroplane and making sure its airworthy once you get it. you will also need to get insurance from the British Model Flying Association ( which is usually around £20 for adults and £15 for junior members (under 18's)

after that, the instructor may use a "buddy box", which is when they use their own transmitter connected to yours with a cable, so they can take control for takeoffs, landings or when you get into trouble but give you control once the aircraft is stable, this setup means that the instructor is able to take control at the flip of a switch

the other way is to just use a single transmitter, the instructor will takeoff and once the aircraft is in stable flight they may hand the transmitter back to you, the only dis-advantage is that if the instructor needs to recover the aircraft they will have to fumble around with the transmitter, and by the time they have control the aircraft may have crashed

after a few lessons you may learn to takeoff and land the aircraft (still under the supervision of the instructor) and when they think you are ready, they will ask you if you want to take the "A" test, this involves flying a certain routine (usually involving takeoff, do a few laps and fly over the runway, then do a figure of 8 and land) and asking you a few questions about Safety and where you should/should not fly, if you pass the test you will be qualified to fly without an instructor (although you may want to have them standing by for a few more lessons, just incase something goes terribly wrong that you arent able to handle)

that just about covers the first steps of getting into R/C Aeroplanes - Happy flying!
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