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An eBay Moment Changed My Life I have never been, what used to be called , house proud. Mine has not been the life of sparkling ornaments. No mine was the life that looked like the second garage, the second hand furniture store life. Now, as had happened every so many years in my life it, was re-organise day. A day of cleansing madness where every thing in the house has to move at least 5 times before it re-settled into its new resting place for the next life cycle. As I knelt sitting on my heels amongst, empty product packaging; boxes that had originally been kept incase it went wrong and it had to be taken back. "You know they wont take it unless it's got its box" said the urban lore. I wondered at what point in my life I had turned into this mad ageing super bag-lady. holding on to stuff from the culdsack's in my life path. The mini trampoline that I had put before my desk. The idea being that I could use it to exercise while I worked at my writing. It was to have been the panacea for my sedentary occupation. Ultimately I had to put the trampoline away, I had found out what anyone else could have told me in a moment, you can't type while bouncing up and down. I felt that there was a message in there for me somewhere but I still hadn't fathomed it. It was whilst looking at the product packaging of yester year and also wondering what to do with a pile of vaguely familiar pile of products. Things that I'd brought new in one fit of enthusiasm or another things that were the lynch pin of yet another crazy pre-doomed scheme to change my life. To turn me all about till I was the sort of human that every else seemed to be, needless to say this hasn't happened yet. I stubbornly remained the sort of human that I am The sort that would have been a worry and a trial to any mother. Yet mine bore it all with unflinching faith that one day I would find my calling and ride my ship into my niche. As I sorted through the piles of stuff that Findlay's work had unearthed, I counted. I counted crazy schemes or evidence of them both in the flotsam before me as well as in my memories. What was here before and about me represented about a 5th of my life to date and in that meagre percent was 8.5 crazy ideas that had cost at least £2000.00 each some had cost a lot more. This sea of mixed stuff represented the more tempered and moderate 5th of my life to date. OMG this was from after the Diaspora, the sensible bit of my life. I wanted to throw back my head and laugh like a mule but some sense of the inappropriateness of this held me back. In my younger days there had been some failures that were grand in scale & vision and also of the lack of it. Each had failed for reasons that were obvious to any one else. So that's why they didn't try it this way.... If I hadn't spent all that money on these madness I could have lived on that money and to quite a high standard. With that sort of money I could have been that sort of human living like all the others . I had that life and all it represented all along had i but spent my money on living the life but I had spent it looking for it and in so doing had put myself in a position where now I didn't have it. Stationary was I noted common to all my commercial madness. I had reams of paper. A4 at 80 gram, A4 at 125 matt, A4 at 125 eggshell, A4 Hi-gloss, photo style and lets not forget the A4 at what is light/med card. Computer printing ink, enough for more that the 80 reams of paper and let's not forget the bubble wrap style envelopes in A4, A5 and something continental a pre- ISO size from the Congo no doubt. My eye wandered back to the familiar pile of objects. They were goods that in the event I hadn't used that much but some how had been left behind when my life moved on to yet another mad idea. Yet these things were too good to throw away and at the same time they were worse than useless, for these filled the space for my next mad idea... I could feel it coming. I noticed that some of the objects matched the image on the boxes so I tried to match them. The first thing I tried fitted into it's box as though it were made for it. Then the light dawned , It was made for it, this was the box it came in. In more time than it takes to ell I had one pile of boxed stuff where as before I had just had stuff. What I needed to do was take it along to a boot sale but lacking both boot and car I thought. . . but it was on good no idea came to me. shortly I had to go on line to visit eBay to check some bids I had put down on some music sample C.d.'s I had bid on when another light broke . I was virtually standing in the biggest car boot sale in the world. This was the place for my chattels, those orphans of my life's voyages. PUT THEM on eBay./ I thought and in the end i couldn't see the catch. Was it possible hat I had stumbled on to an idea that worked. . . AT LAST. Now I own nothing I am just it's caretaker as it moves through my life an on through eBay. The money that I got went into a number of ideas . . . well I thought they were good at the time. . .David-©D.Michelsen11-2005
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