static caravan berore you buy

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if you are still thinking of buying a static caravan and spending thousands of pounds and then finding out you dont like it why not find a site you like and ask the owner if you can put a 10 to 16 foot or more touring caravan on the site for 8 to 10 months to see if you have the time to go and to see if you like itmost sites have toilet blocks on and electric points and then you can give it a go its thousands of pounds cheaperand you can take your van home or on to another site it you like it you can be on hand to buy a van on the site know the people and take your van off and sell it on at the price you want their are a lot of free add papers this is food for thought and can save you a lot of money if you cannot find a site to do this start of with a cheap van you can make them nice and then buy a nicer van dont forget the rent goes up every year and you will find out how much you have to put away to keep your van on its nice to get away and you can go when you like asite near home is as good as a site miles away because you know you havent a long drive ahead of you the grass is just as green at hometo relax hope this helps you think also a big van is the same price as a small van 12 foot wide van give you a lot more room and are better for selling on good luckand dont dive in head first
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