static caravans

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 i have been touring for years now ststic for years the rents have shot up the gass the electric but the value of the van has dropped about 3000 pounds a year and its was second when i got it the days of having a van as a weekend  reatreat are gone caravan sites are a law of their own 8 10 11 months sites you do as your told or get off selling your van depends on the site owner as the land is theirs remember your in charg e when buying but once he has the money they are in charge if you sell up you lose a lot and he got money and gets more  when he sells it again at a full price as far as asking wats this and wast that and gettint together to sort things out it dosent happen when it comes to the crunch its like any thing to get rid of a problem move it    a lot of sites are beening used io live on for the season so they dont want to rock the boat and get put off got no were to go people on sites should have some rights and the goverment should be looking into it people are getting riped off and do nothing about it or wont when their still on the site keep your house its cheaper and safer in the long run  my friend has been on a site for 30  years and not recived his rent renewal the site is getting sold and the whisper is the rent will double as the new owner wants to put log cabins and new vans on as a holiday park cannot do a thing about it he may even get a bill for the scraping of his van this could happen i still like to get away on a week end but the caravan parks are out pricing thenselves for the working man with a home to run as well its a shame the kids llove the caravan  but moneys hard to come buy
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