static caravans up date on buying a once cheap holiday

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the once cheap family holiday we went away on is now gone its big money maker for the sites owners you are now in a position if you dont like it get off but on their terms in the local paper a lady bougth a static caravan for £10000 but after 10 months she for some reason decied to sellseen the owner yes i will buy it back off you offer £1000 she was gutted she drove back to the site to empty her van and sell it her self owner yes but not on my site loaded her car up and got stuck in the mud and was charged £150 plus to be towed off the site the next story i was told was slioth way part of the country came to the beging of the season when the rent was due to be payed the owner said i wil have to the rent payed in full this year it was£1000 which is good price she payed her money and so did every bod y else a few weeks later they were told the site was getting sold the new owner came on and sent letters out to say the rent was now going to be £2000 ayear and wanted the money again you the holiday caravan owner havent a leg to stand on  when these nice little sites with the older vans on are sold on thats when the trouble starts your vans to old you need to upgrade or you will have to get your van off next season i know that vans on some sites 5 10 years old have got to come off can be bougth for less than a grand put on your site and sold for £9 10000  this year gass bottles have gone up buy pounds you have to buy because you cannot take gass bottles on if you put i in your car you are breaking the law ive been told and last of all the latest craze is sell your house and buy a caravan to live in 10 11 months of the year and buy a nice new car very nice but if you come to sell you are in for ashock what you will be offered i do think that rents have gone up so much because of this if they kick up about the heafty rises were are they going to go their should be some law made to protect people on caravan sites weekenders and them that live on the sites every one wants to make a few bob but this is beyound beleaf you are in a position on some sites your frightened to say any think in case you get your marching orders and loose thousands of pounds you can if you have a home to goback to i have known people been told to get off the site but had to pay to get their van took off the site to be taken away and people who left their van and been charged to have it scraped but its still nice to get away if you can afford it and keep your thoughts to yourself the goverment should step in and give caravaners some rights no body likes been backed into a corner and been told what to do knowing you cannot do a think about it it not right what do you think i years ago you could aford to go in an old buss converted or a caravan and at a cheap price when you have kids plenty freash air and a bag of chips or 12 goes on the slot machines for 5pence nowthen a shilling you got 12 pennies i you had nought but were good times you could even hang your key on the back of the frontdoor to get into the househow things have changed happy days
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