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Hi, just want to tell you about model railway buildings,

from hornby the kits are gr8, looking ideal in the model world making it all very realistic but I have found that this is no cheap hobby. I have some good news, I have discovered superquick model kits these have been around for years, but i'm new to model railways and just tryed making some of these models and I'm very impressed.

After building these models, (church, a row of terrace houses, footbridge and supermarket and glass shop) these look stunning if not better than the plastic hornby buildings (superquick are card but are very strong in constuction I also fitted some leds and resisters but this is not nessesary or supplied).

 These models are easy to build and if you spend a little time just painting the edges were they come apart from the card mould it makes all the differance.

Here is the best bit, The COST. nearly all of the kits like the one that has a supermarket (small oo scale) and glass shop both in one kit cost me UNDER £ 4.00 and only 80p postage. Just look at my feed back to see were I got mine, any way I fully recomend these models to any one serious about thier model railway. happy modelling Mick,,,,,,, ps website to view all models....superquick models and click on the link to view catalogue

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