tandem vs side by side

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I have 11 month old twins, and have so far tried out 3 buggies, soon be 4!? reason? does anyone really make the right buggy for twins? they seem to be either too wide, too heavy, too expensive! ive been lucky, i got all of mine second hand and at good prices. first i got an urban detour (mothercare) i still use this daily, brilliant buggy, my girls always comfy, sleep well in it, good suspension, so easy to steer, and the hood makes a great shopping basket! the only downfall i can fault is not getting into some shops due to the width, but i get around that with another buggy.also quite heavy when lifting into the car. generally a brill twin buggy.

next i got a marco sky buggy, i only use this when visitng the doctors/dentist etc as its not as nice to steer, seems to have a mind of its own sometimes? seem to struggle getting it up kerbs too? fantastic foldaway though. would be great for holidays. this has a completely useless shopping basket too?

next buggy i got was graco duosport, this is so light, and a bit slimmer through doorways which can be handy. i can also fit this into the back of my zafira with all 7 seats up. the only problem with this buggy i found, is that the seats are flimsy, so when the kids are strapped in, the whole seat moves with them?

im going for an obaby tandem next, or a cossatto, as i need a smaller buggy due to changing my car. i have to add though, will not be getting rid of my urban detour for love nor money!

hope this helps? plus, why dont manufacturers approach mothers of twins to get the best ideas?

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