tarot readings, fortune readings charges???

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I recently have been looking into the tarot and spells area of eBay and was mortified to find people selling tarot readings, long distance spells and fotune readings.

Whats going on here was my first impression, yes I know that if you phone these 0901 numbers etc. you pay for the call which pays the reader but come on this is taking the biscuit!!!
I am a hereditary witch and have been practising the craft for almost 12 years now (i'm 26) although not many people know this about me, I have known many a witch and yet in my entire life I have never heard of charging for the service.
A true witch / reader will only ever ask for a DONATION if she asks at all.
Romainies only ask for a DONATION.

I understand that everyone needs money, I understand that people do get desperate but a fixed price is NOT the way to go about it, an auction I wouldnt have a problem with as long as it stated in the description that the end price is a donation not a fee.
Any one that sells this sort of service is questionable, I will not say bad of these people because most of them probably are either really nice people/ witches whatever you want to call them or they just do not know the implications of doing something like this.

Want my advise???
Go to some one local to you if you can or contact the children of artimis forums and see what you can find near you.
Can the person selling the service visit you or can you get to them?? a personal reading and a donation will do more for yourself than any long distance reading.
Also It is DANGEROUS for a pregnant woman to have a reading, if these people can not see you and they do not pick up this information I hate to repeat some of the things that have gone wrong over the years.


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