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 once you've opened you TASSIMO CHARMMY and got it all set up, use the orange t-disk to clean the machine for its initial clean you must repeat the process 4 times as stated on the instructions.. 
I found it almost emptied my water tank so I emptied it and refilled it to make sure there was enough for my latte I wanted to make.
once cleaned you will need to insert your BRITA ­MAXTRA FILTER by following these simple instructions  : 
Remove the filter cartridge  from its protective wrap.
2. Immerse the filter cartridge in cold tap water and move it gently back and forth to remove any air bubbles about 5 seconds should be enough

Remove the filter cartridge holder from the water tank and insert the filter cartridge into the appropriate chamber of the filter cartridge holder until it snaps into place with an audible click.

Hold the filter cartridge holder under the tap, fill it with fresh, cold water and let the water run through the filter cartridge. make sure you repeat this procedure three times.

Now place the filter cartridge holder with the filter cartridge (5d) into the empty water tank and fill the tank with fresh water to the max mark

To activate the BRITA filter replacement indicator, press and hold the Start button until all four bars appear on the display and blink twice.
your filter will last you 8 weeks, you will need to do these steps each time you replace you filter
now to make an amazing cup of coffee, take the milk disk and place your cup under the machine, and the milk disk in the top, make sure it clicks into place or it will make a mess. 
then simply press the button to the right and away you go.. 
once the milk is done repeat the process with the coffee disk and voila a nice frothy latte, I found it needed a stir and a little sugar to taste, but that's personal choice
its very easy to use and a great machine all round as there are a good few choices of drinks, coffee, chocolate, latte, cappuccino etc yummy hot drinks at the click of a button 
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