the Mojo Spinmaster III intelligent lighting fixture

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In summary, the Spinmaster has one or two (namely one) very bad problem - the quality of the connector that is provided with the light, which is bad. However, overall, the light itself is very effective at verty fast-moving pattens and blazes of colour.

The connector to the bulb is extremely tempremental, to the point of short-circuiting the mains, in some cases. However, with some basic knowledge, it is very easy to use either a ceramic chocolate block in replacing the connector or soldering the joint and slotting heat-shrink sleeving over it - creating a much better, and very reliable, connection.

As for the lighting effects - the light is DMX controlled, as with nearly all intelligent fixtures. The control is ok, even if maybe a littlew awkward to get used to at first (simply due to the movement the light determines the channel values at). As the light is designed for a disco & club environment it is not as accurate as the £1000+ theatre fixtures, which is understandable as it's RRP is only £120. However, it will still put up an impressive display with the 14 colour gobos (+ open).

Strobing is, admittedly, not this fixture's strong point, as the light doesn't have a separate intensity control (iris). This means it can do a 4Hz strobe, but changes between open and off gobos to do so - as you can imagine, not as effective as a strobe light!

Due to it's multi-surfaced mirror barrel, the fixture can give very fast moving projections, and so, as mentioned above, is ideal for a club or disco atmosphere.

Overall, a good, economic fixture, with only the bulb connection to be aware of.
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