the best bugy ever!!! ive found it!!!! MUTSY

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i have found the best buggy in the world i should know ive had 27 in the last year!

i have just spent £500 on a mutsy and its superb!

it has every thing you could ever what from a buggy!

it has 4 huge pump up tyres which give baby a really nice ride! these wheels swivel at the back making it excelent for steering!

but mutsy have gone a step further, as they have made little shopping wheels for you to change the big wheels at the front to small swiveling wheels making this buggy excellent for town and beach woods where ever you are going this buggy will work for you!

then you get the carry cot and car seat and pushchair seat!!

but then again they have gone a step further and thought about when toddlers might get board in their buggy so they made a fun seat

my little man loves this and even climbs into his bugy indoors now!!!

the rain cover is fantastic with its front opening, for when you go in to shops ect.. you dont have to take it off!

the bumperbar and then the snack tray bag that clips onto the back of the seat! and then the buggy board which just clip onto the back of the buggy and works fine with my 4 year old!

all i can say is if your thinking about buying one stop thinking and go and buy it!!!

if i write any more you will start thinking that i work for mutsy lol this buggy really is fantastic!

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