the dark side of paypal

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PAYPAL great eh?  well, maybe, but here's a couple of things you might not know about. you list something, anything, its oldish, maybe rarish, might be valuble even, you describe it as best you can completely unaware of potencial pitfalls, someone wins the item, you pack it with tlc and post it off, happy in the knowledge that you are now a little better off than before, hm, the person who bought it disagrees with your description maybe their expectations were too high does'nt really matter why because they file claim to return the item despite the fact that you listed it as used, no returns!  the buyer claims its "significantly different to the description" EH!  now if it was a different colour than listed  then yes ok, if it was a different size,  well that too but if its just an opinion, then it becomes highly subjective you know, one mans meat is another mans poison etc etc.. NOW paypal take the buyers side (nearly always) and seize your funds!  they hold them (earning interest) while you and your buyer bombard each other with emails stating your point of view, too bad as eventually paypal return your money to the buyer inc the postage and the buyer returns your goods, hopefully but not always in the same condition.

next dodgy thing, you send something in the post in good faith. UNLESS ITS RECORDED DELIVERY, and the item gets lost or the buyer claims non delivery paypal will again take your money and refund the buyer, oh' such bad luck, you are now double out of pocket

most ebayers are honest but beware of the pitfalls of paypal  ITS BUYERS PROTECTION NOT SELLERS



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