the good and bad of telescopes

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one reason the new buyer to telescopes should take care over is how the telescope is advertised, firstly have a look through eaby and at times you will find multiple adverts which look the same and at time at the same price, these are sold bulk and are usualy of only a lower quality. if you are serious about stargazing then you need a scope which has an eq mount, (that is it moves in two directions) tracking as the earth moves, easy to tell as these mounts usualy have a large counter weight, the cheap and nasty mounts are some what like a normal camera mount, (toys). the next thing to take into account is in the name, a reflector scope has a mirror and an open ended tube, look at length at some of the photoes and get a person who knows what they are looking for to do an ebay search with you, some pics can be quite deceiving,. some scopes have the looks of a real class telescope but are at times only toys,. if you intend doing some real viewing then get a scope in the quality that you have the best chance of seeing some real stuff as if you end up with a toy scope you will expect lots and get verry little. one lats thing, i purchased a little known scope from liddle, but just one look at it and i was happy that this scope had the quality that was needed for me to see most near stuff (moon, saturn, jupiter, and more) without being disapointed. i had the benefit of having hands on before buying, this you cannot get from an auction like ebay, take care and buy wisly.
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