the pound in your pocket - not quite all it seems

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dear reader
i think you might be startled to be told that that pound in your pocket
might not be all that it appears at face value - in other words there are
a growing number of fakes in circulation.
some are of such a high standard that even our high street banks are frequently
fooled in the sense that they accept the fakes from their customers and then
appear to be quite happy to pay them out to other customers!!!!!
well u might think if the banks cant tell the difference what chance have we ??
as it turns out  a very good one actually there are two basic types of fake namely
   i)  a hybrid  of two other denominations and then either filed down to get the
        weight equivalent to the real mccoy - these are usually made to fool one armed bandits,
         parking meters , train / bus ticket dispensers, drinks  cigarette and other vending machines
   ii)  a cast fake usually made of a softer metal (eg lead)  which carries a rudimentary
        likeness to the real thing ,enough to fool some people some of the time and apparently
        the majority of banks all of the time.
i will add to this guide asap and hopefully include pictures of the phonies

when i find my camera and get to digital grip with pix
will be posted meanwhile beware not all fakes are made of soft metal like lead

>>>>>>>>>>>>update jan 2011  one of the easiest ways to tell a fake is 
                            to hold the coin head side facing u with thumb and forefinger
                            at top and bottom spin the coin round so u  are now looking 
                            tail side ....are the two sides in correct alignment ? that is the top 
                            of the tail side coinciding with the top of the head side ?

                            IF NOT THEN YOU HAVE A FAKE

for further info i can  refer them to the "counterfeit coin collectors club"

by the way the latest estimate is that between 3 - 4 % or all one pound coins are FAKE.

best wishes

keep the faith...COYH


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