this is honestly the best way to get free stuff!

Like if this guide is helpful

okay, ive noticed a huge amount of people selling guides and ebooks to get free stuff, and after lots of dissapointment, ive finally found somthing that works.

Firstly, these both come from the same companies, so the same rules apply. one is for a free premium xbox 360 and the other is for a number of free games consoles. i have completed both of these and recieved a premium xbox 360 and a nintendo ds!

look at ebay items 25002784608 and 250027886224 for the links! (put the numbers in ebay search bar)


now, after you have registered on either one or both of these sites, it will ask you to complete an offer.

all you do is join the screenselect offer, as it is free. after you have joined, wait for gameconsolegiveaway and 360givaway to confirm that the offer is complete and then cancel your account on screenselect. all you have to do now is get a few people to do the same and you will recieve a free console.

i was amazed at how quick this works and i was so excited when i got a free xbox 360 premium and a nintendo ds through the post in the space of 2 weeks!


i hope this guide helps you and will say congrats for participating in them in advance, as there is no way you will regret it!

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